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Anup Rej was born and brought up in Calcutta, where Marxist and Communist ideologies played important roles. From his childhood he was brought up seeing abject poverty on one hand and extreme wealth and affluence on the other hand existing side by side around him. After leaving Calutta he had lived abroad since the early years of his youth. Norway was the first country where he came and married there. Here he met a social democratic society. Then the profession of his wife, who had served at the UN in New York and Geneva on humanitarian and human rights fields and as Ambassador of Norway to different countries in East Asia and South-East Asia, plagued with conflicts and undemocratic rules, brought him in touch with the social-political situations on the globe. During the years he had lived in many different countries of the world he had the opportunity to understand the root causes of the social ills and injustices. These experiences had inspired him to reflect about a better social order than what he had seen in the countries run by capitalism, or military despotism, or democratic fiasco governed by market oriented economic animals. While he had lived in Bangladesh (2010-2013) he had developed the ideas of an enlightened social order which would seek development of the higher nature of man.

In the following sites he has described the vision and values based on his personal understanding of the nature of the universe and own spiritual experiences. Besides discussing the way to pursue social evolution which may bring forth the higher nature in man, he has prescribed the way one may act and engage in bringing changes to the social system which today bears mostly the imprints of the animal nature in us.

By following the links below one should be able to acquaint oneself with his visions and values of an enlightened world: Among others he has discussed the moral foundation of such a society, where market democracy should be replaced by an enlightened democracy.

How to start a Global Enlightenment Movement?

Start with the following site and follow the links explaining the ideas